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While Lifestyle Renovations takes pride in building beautiful new homes, we specialise in custom designed renovations, alterations and extensions including the added option of stunning tropical finishes with an Indonesian/Bali influence like internal and/or external stonework walls and water features etc individually designed by Phillip Holl.

Looking for more room to entertain, to update your existing finishes or a total change? Instead of moving house because your current home no longer meets your needs, consider what else you could do with the money you would outlay on legal fees, stamp duty and all the other associated costs. Perth home owners come to us when they want to make their home and backyard suit their lifestyle, not the other way around because they know we understand that a professionally built home improvement can make a huge difference. Renovations, alterations and extensions are more complex than new homes as the existing structure and its foundations must be preserved while new foundations and structures are put into place and in order to provide a smooth transition between the old and the new, custom designs and specialist construction skills are essential which is why Phillips extensive experience in this area is second to none. All Lifestyle Renovations projects are personally supervised by Phillip Holl who has more than 32 years experience in this specialised field of the construction industry and his home improvements building team is comprised of a skilled group of talented and enthusiastic individuals who are dedicated to striving for professional excellence in their workmanship and achieving creative, quality finishes for our clients.

Phillip is a Registered Builder REG Number 13762

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